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All-plastic Plastic Running Track

All-plastic Plastic Running Track
Cement or asphalt
Production Support
Accept OEM
Polyurethane two-component primer, drier, colored particles, polyurethane two-component surface glue
It has good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, anti-aging, etc., strong, no particles
Business type
Factory/ Wholesale / Paving Support
8-10 Years
Place of Origin
Applicable places:
playgrounds, kindergartens, parks, etc

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Product Description

The all-plastic plastic track, the effective ingredient is polyurethane slurry, and the elastomer is not mixed with rubber particles, so the quality is better and more durable. The surface layer is sprayed with EPDM particles and glue color paste, which is beautiful and tall

Above, according to customer needs can be divided into: full plastic, full plastic self-knotted pattern

The all-plastic material is synthetically made of pure PU (polyurethane): the surface of the plastic runway has a granular structure and is not water-permeable.


The surface layer has good physical elasticity and high abrasion resistance, and can resist all kinds of extreme weather conditions, long-term sunshine, rainy season and freezing climate. The surface layer adopts high-pressure spraying construction without particles, The price is higher.

All-plastic Plastic Running Track

Product Structure

 •  All weather can be suitable: all kinds of season and temperature ranged, it maintain high quality and it can        be used after heavy rain.
 •  Adhesive: special constructing structure, it has strong viscidity, which can prevent the ascend of water, no            pickle, seperating etc.
 •  Weather-resistance: will no fade or effloresce because of pollution by ultraviolet rays, ozone, acid rain, and        keep it's fresh color.
 •  Less Maintenance Cost: maintained for less cost, and easy.
 •  Lifetime: 8 years ~ 10 years 
 •  Colour: Red, Blue, Green or Customize

Product Features

 It does not contain black particles, is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless, and has passed national safety inspections.

 Elasticity, with moderate elasticity and rebound force, which can reduce physical consumption and improve competition performance.
 Impact absorption, moderately absorb the impact of the feet, reduce sports injuries, suitable for long-term practice and competition.
 Weather resistance, will not fade, chalk or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet rays, ozone, acid rain, and can maintain its bright color for a long time.
 It has a high degree of UV resistance. Practice has proved that it has no fading and strong wear resistance.
 Compression resistance and impact resistance, with a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, which can absorb strong impacts without damage to the surface; stable elasticity, no difference in elasticity throughout the year, and will not be hard in winter and soft in summer.
 Good adhesion, special construction treatment, strong adhesion, can suppress the rise of moisture, no blistering, peeling, etc.
 The flatness meets the IAAF standard, and the water filterability is good. There is no need to stop the game in light rain. The game can be played immediately after heavy rain without water accumulation.

 Safety, it can prevent the transportation from falling
Dynamic injury.

 Economical, easy to maintain and save management costs.

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