Flystep Track is a professional running track manufacturers, with more than 30 years of experience in rubber running track/synthetic running track production.


The all-plastic plastic running track, the effective ingredient is polyurethane slurry, and the elastomer is not mixed with rubber particles, so the quality is better and more durable. The surface layer is sprayed with EPDM particles and glue color paste, which is beautiful and tall. According to customer needs, it can be divided into: full plastic, full plastic self-binding pattern.


The all-plastic material is synthetically made of pure PU (polyurethane): the surface of the plastic runway has a granular structure and is not water-permeable. The surface layer has good physical elasticity and high abrasion resistance, and can resist all kinds of extreme weather conditions, long-term sunshine, rainy season and freezing climate. The surface layer adopts high-pressure spraying construction to not lose particles, and the price is higher.

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