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All-plastic self-binding Plastic Track

All-plastic self-binding Plastic Track
Cement or asphalt
Production Support
Accept OEM
Environmentally friendly rubber particles, polyurethane two-component primer, polyurethane two-component surface glue
It has good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, strong anti-aging ability and favorable price
Business type
Factory/ Wholesale / Paving Support
8-10 Years
Applicable places:
Manufacturer (origin):

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Product Description

Self-knotted plastic track, the new type of self-knotted particle-free plastic track is based on sports biomechanics and designed in strict accordance with national standards. The track is upgraded to a professional "three-layer composite" structure, and unique closed-cell microbubbles are also designed The elastic interlayer allows continuous kinetic energy to be generated during exercise and better protects injuries during exercise. It fully meets the latest requirements of the IAAF for the impact absorption rate of 35%~50%. It is a domestically created on-site professional runway structure. The self-knotted track is an on-site pouring and paving process, no joints will be produced after paving, no particles can fall, and


In addition, the flatness of the foundation has been adjusted twice to make the runway more smooth, beautiful and durable.

All-plastic self-binding Plastic Track

Product Structure

•   All weather can be suitable: all kinds of season and temperature ranged, it maintain high quality and it can        be used after heavy rain.
 •  Adhesive: special constructing structure, it has strong viscidity, which can prevent the ascend of water, no            pickle, seperating etc.
 •  Weather-resistance: will no fade or effloresce because of pollution by ultraviolet rays, ozone, acid rain, and        keep it's fresh color.
 •  Less Maintenance Cost: maintained for less cost, and easy.
 •  Lifetime: 8 years ~ 10 years 
 •  Colour: Red, Blue, Green or Customize

Product Features

 Excellent weather resistance: using unique anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging additives, the product has excellent anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet color change performance, and the color is bright and durable.

 Excellent wear-resistant and anti-slip performance: use a more wear-resistant polyurethane surface layer formula instead of EPDM particles as the anti-skid surface layer, and the formula adds special additives and emery powder for spraying to make the surface

The layer forms a more slip-resistant and wear-resistant concave-convex surface, which not only retains the traditional characteristics of weather resistance and aging resistance of polyurethane track materials, but also overcomes the old problem of easy threshing of traditional polyester track.

 Excellent construction performance: Special mechanical spraying is used, and the construction is simple and convenient, which can greatly shorten the construction time.

 After the EPDM particles are eliminated, the engineering cost will be cheaper.

 The material is environmentally friendly and the quality is more stable.

 Both cement foundation and asphalt foundation can be constructed.


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Service life: more than 8 years


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