Flystep Track is a professional running track manufacturers, with more than 30 years of experience in rubber running track/synthetic running track production.


Breathable plastic running track, also known as water-permeable runways, are widely adopted in rainy areas because of their good breathability and water permeability.

Product specifications: rubber particle primer EPDM particle primer rubber particle primer (black particle primer)


The breathable plastic running track has the advantages and performance of the general runway, and is low in cost, and basically does not require maintenance, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. It is made of EPDM rubber particles mixed with one-component glue. It has a pore structure after molding, and air and water can pass through, so it is called breathable. The internal structure is similar to food [Shaqima]. It is comfortable and elastic. 13mm thick, commonly used colors are red, green and blue. Good quality and low price, durable, about 60% of the plastic runways in domestic campuses are breathable plastic runways.

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