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characteristics of landscape turfs

characteristics of landscape turfs



Autumn grass / four-leaf clover 


Pile Height: 20/30/40mm 

Gauge: 3/8in 

Stitch/10cm: 16 

Dtex: 9000

Density: 16800 

Backing: PP+Nonwoven 

U-shaped grass can effectively retain water and reflects the sun light; 

It can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration of roofs, courtyards, activity areas,etc. 



Encrypted Autumn Grass 


Pile Height: 35mm 

Gauge: 3/8in 

Stitch/10cm: 20 

Dtex: 9000

Density: 21000 

Backing: PP+Nonwoven 

The ultra-high density ensures the straightness of  the grass and the excellent wear resistance;

No need to fill quartz sand and rubber particles,  can be used to non-infilled football field, sports field,etc



Landscape turf made of high quality fibers,  

wich soft and natural looking, strong fibers that keep the resistange properties in the long term.

Perfect for outdoor and indoor both private and commercial.

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