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Choose the world's top runway to create a 5G smart Olympic body to ensure that the

Choose the world's top runway to create a 5G smart Olympic body to ensure that the


(Source: Sina)

On May 22, the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center construction project was also in full swing and entered the final stage. "If all goes well, the runway will be paved in about 20 days under the guidance of Italian technicians. This is also the largest project before the delivery of the main stadium." said Jia Yueqing, a civil engineer for China Resources Land's Xi'an Olympic Sports Center project.

Italian technicians guide the laying of the runway

Apply for IAAF first-class venue certification

Near noon, the temperature gradually rises. The main venue for the opening and closing ceremonies and major events of the 14th National Games-the main stadium of the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center. The Italian Mondo professional prefabricated rubber track spans 12,000 kilometers and is waiting for the "return." . Some dozens of workers squatted on the ground to paint, and some followed by carefully laying the red prefabricated rubber track. Among them were two technicians from Italy. According to the strict work process of the standard, the special glue must be painted on the ground first, then spread and compacted bit by bit according to the drawn standard line, and then fix the edge with bricks to ensure that the runway and the ground are tightly connected. Among the workers laying the track, Luigi, a 60-year-old Italian technician, walked through them, guiding the workers to pay attention to the details of the paving, and kneeling on the ground like the workers to demonstrate painting. Danilo Frygimelica, the head of the customer technical service department of Mondo Group, who came to guide together, said: "The track material produced by our company is very suitable for athletes to play. 70% of the world records are produced on such a track. In order to ensure that the laying of the runway meets the design requirements, we come to the site to guide the laying until all is completed."


It is understood that this batch of rubber tracks with a total of 8 containers (40 feet) departed from Alba, Italy in late February, and was transported to Milan by road, and then transported from Milan to Duisburg, Germany by train. Eastbourne arrived in Xi'an in 4 batches on the stable and efficient China-Europe Express Chang'an Return Europe Express. The transportation time limit is 14-15 days, which saves nearly one month of transportation time compared with traditional shipping, which effectively guarantees the completion of the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center on schedule.


Danilo Frigimelica introduced: “Paving in accordance with the professional process, if the construction is smooth, the paving work of 13,000 square meters of runway can be completed in about 20 days. If you pay attention to maintenance in the later period, the life of the runway can reach 15 years."


"The runway paved this time meets the conditions for hosting the Olympics and World Championships. It will be used for the first time in large stadiums in the central and western regions, and will be certified as a first-class venue by the IAAF later." said Jia Yueqing, a civil engineering engineer for the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center project.


The first 5G covered smart stadium

At the end of June, the Xi'an Olympic Games will bloom

Xi'an Olympic Sports Center's "one venue and two halls" have entered the final stage of the project. The internal construction and outdoor large tree planting have been completed, and the electrical and mechanical commissioning and fine decoration work are currently in progress. All the builders are working day and night to speed up the construction to ensure that the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center will be completed and delivered as a whole on June 30, 2020.


Liu Qiwei, Assistant Director of the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau of the Management Committee of Xi’an International Port District, introduced: “The Xi’an Olympic Sports Center uses the most advanced international 5G technology and more than 30 smart venue application systems. It is the first'version 4.0' to achieve full 5G coverage. Smart stadium; the steel structure of the stadium, the detachable stands, and the comprehensive equestrian track are designed to take into account the multiple needs of competitions, performing arts, assemblies, etc., increase the utilization rate of the stadiums, and fully realize the efficient conversion of competition-performance-exhibition, integrated intelligent command platform, and sports competition , The experience of watching the game, media broadcast, full service, and smart security are all integrated to create a true "smart Olympics"."


The Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, which is located in the shape of a product, includes a stadium with 60,000 seats, a gymnasium with 18,000 seats, and a swimming diving hall with 4,000 seats. According to the requirements of the venues for the National Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games, it will be planned and constructed as the main venue for the 14th National Games in 2021. It will be responsible for holding the opening and closing ceremonies and football, track and field, gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc. Important game tasks.


After the completion of the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, it will become the largest national sports center in the northwest and a brand-new "city card" in Xi’an. Sports health, Silk Road business, leisure business, cultural creativity, and ecological habitat will be formed in the surrounding area. Five major health industry clusters lead the construction of a new center in eastern Xi'an.


Su Guofeng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Xi’an International Port District, said that Xi’an International Port District takes the completion of the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center as an opportunity to promote the integration of port and city with higher standards and higher levels of construction, comprehensively optimize the urban spatial structure, and enhance the regional carrying capacity. We will strive to build an ecological, green, and open modern international demonstration zone, strive to make the 14th National Games a wonderful and successful sports event, and showcase the city image and development achievements of Xi’an, Shaanxi.


(China Daily Shaanxi reporter station)

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