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Compound Plastic Running Track

Compound Plastic Running Track
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Product Description

Compound plastic track, divided into two types


The first is to pave 8-9mm with the elastic layer of the breathable plastic track, and the surface layer is pave 4-5mm with EPDM rubber particles. The paving method is the same as that of the elastic layer.
The art construction is simple, but the surface is relatively flat, which is more suitable for the stadium, and is generally not adopted.


The second is a runway that combines a breathable plastic runway and a hybrid plastic runway, that is, breathable.

The runway made of the elastic layer of the runway plus the surface layer of the hybrid runway is generally suitable for the case where the foundation is a cement concrete foundation and the surface layer is required to be like a hybrid type.


The composite track ensures the cement Based on the stability of the bottom surface of the plastic, it meets the national standards. It is mechanically paving, mechanically sprayed, and has excellent flatness, no threshing phenomenon, and improved the grade of the surface layer, with pores, water and permeable gas, excellent elasticity, no blistering,

Product Features

• The cost is about 15% lower than that of the hybrid plastic track;


• The upper layer is made of PU particles or EPDM weather-resistant and environmentally friendly colored particles, sealed with water-permeable polyurethane, and the lower layer is made of mechanical construction cushioning;


• It has a good surface drainage function. The rain and snow in the alpine area cannot enter the elastic layer of the plastic runway. The melting of ice and snow can drain through the natural drainage of the runway slope without any adverse effects on the runway ring;


• Generally applicable to the situation where the foundation is cement concrete foundation and the surface layer is required to be mixed.


• The composite plastic track can be used all-weather, with strong abrasion resistance, good weather resistance, strong compression resistance, good impact resistance, sturdiness and durability, economical price, and can ensure that the cement base is bonded to the plastic bottom surface.

The stability of the composite meets the national standard, mechanical paving, mechanical spraying, excellent flatness, no threshing phenomenon, and improved surface quality, with pores, water permeable, breathable, and excellent elasticity. No blistering;

• Compared with sports venues such as breathable plastic track, hybrid plastic track, and pre-cast rubber track, the appearance of composite plastic track sports venue is the same as that of hybrid plastic track.

The other data except the tensile strength are basically the same as the hybrid plastic track.

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