Flystep Track is a professional running track manufacturers, with more than 30 years of experience in rubber running track/synthetic running track production.


Flystep - running track manufacturer has two types of compound plastic running track.

The first is to pave 8-9mm with the elastic layer of the breathable plastic track, and the surface layer is pave 4-5mm with EPDM rubber particles. The paving method is the same as that of the elastic layer. This process is simple to construct, but the surface layer is relatively flat. It is more suitable for the court and is generally not adopted.


The second type is a runway that combines a breathable plastic runway and a hybrid plastic runway, that is, a runway made of the elastic layer of the breathable runway and the surface layer of the mixed runway. It is generally suitable for the foundation of cement concrete. The surface layer requires a hybrid type.


The composite track ensures the stability of the combination of the cement foundation and the plastic bottom surface, meeting national standards, mechanical paving, mechanical spraying, excellent flatness, no threshing phenomenon, and improved surface quality, with pores and water permeability. Breathable, excellent elasticity, no blistering.

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