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Silicon PU Stadium

Silicon PU Stadium
Production Support
Accept OEM
Silicon PU one-component elastic layer glue, drier, water-based top coat
Good weather resistance, abrasion resistance and good elasticity
8-10 Years
Place of Origin
Applicable places:
Sports/leisure venues
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Product Application

The main stadium product of the company is a green and environmentally friendly water-based material. It is completely free of asbestos, lead or mercury and other compounds. It has high anti-ultraviolet properties, long-lasting color, durable, super wear-resistant, and its surface layer The structure is superior, the effective cushioning force can reduce the injury and fatigue to the athletes, the maintenance is easy, it can be used firmly in any climate, and the service life is long.

Silicon PU Stadium

Product Structure

 • Professional performance
Silicon PU stadium has a unique double-layer structure, hard elasticity, good shock absorption and elasticity, and has a certain friction coefficient. It can not only make athletes move quickly, but also reduce the impact in sports, safe and comfortable, and provide athletes with a A safe sports field is the first choice for professional sports stadiums.
 • Environmental performance
Silicon PU material is a truly environmentally friendly product. It does not produce toxic or harmful substances during use, fully meets the national environmental protection requirements, and will not cause bodily harm to the human body.
 • Actual performance
Silicon PU material is beautiful in color, wear-resistant, non-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and is not affected by weather conditions. It will not fade, powder, harden, soften, etc. due to ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain, high temperature, low temperature climate changes, and can maintain bright colors for a long time. It can ensure the stability of the appearance structure, good wear resistance, and can meet the long-term high frequency requirements. Sturdy, dense, not easily scratched by the soles of the feet or other hard objects, keeping the stadium clean as new for a long time. 


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