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Technological changes of plastic track pellet manufacturers

Technological changes of plastic track pellet manufacturers


What material is the plastic track composed of two-component polyurethane slurry-mainly used for all-plastic plastic track, hybrid plastic track, composite plastic track, single-component polyurethane glue-mainly used for composite plastic track, breathable plastic Runway, EPDM plastic runway PU particles, EPDM particles, black waste tire particles and other plastic runways are derived from plastic runways, also known as all-weather sports tracks, made of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigments , Additives, filler composition. The plastic track has the characteristics of good flatness, high compressive strength, appropriate hardness and elasticity, and stable physical properties, which are beneficial to athletes' speed and technique, effectively improve sports performance and reduce the rate of fall injuries. The plastic track is made of polyurethane rubber and other materials. It has certain elasticity and color, and has certain anti-ultraviolet ability and aging resistance. It is recognized internationally as the best all-weather outdoor sports field. Running for 10 seconds was at the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games. Although the thinness of the plateau air is conducive to improving performance, but the most important reason for Jim Hines to set a world record of 9.95 seconds is the first plastic runway laid by the US "3M" company for the University City Stadium. Since then, the history of Olympic track and field has undergone "changing the world". According to the "Track and Field Competition Rules": "Competitions controlled by international track and field must be played on the plastic track." At present, track and field competitions above the province level in my country are generally held on plastic tracks.


The plastic runway is also called "Tatang" runway and is made of polyurethane material. In 1937, German chemist Bayer discovered the polymerization reaction of isocyanate and hydrogen, and since then introduced polyurethane into the modern chemical industry. Many properties of this synthetic material are better than those of natural rubber and plastic, and the adjustable range of strength, hardness, and elasticity is wider, and it has become the new favorite of the construction industry for a while. In 1961, the "3M" company of Minnesota, USA, laid the first 200-meter polyurethane track, but it was used for horse racing. Polyurethane track began to be used in track and field competitions in 1963 and immediately attracted the attention of all countries. The International Olympic Committee soon officially recognized this "new thing". After the Mexico Olympics, the plastic track became an essential facility for international track and field competitions.


It is particularly worth mentioning that the main stadium runways of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and the 12th World Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2009 are prefabricated plastic tracks, which represent the latest development direction of plastic tracks.

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