Flystep Track is a professional running track manufacturers, with more than 30 years of experience in rubber running track/synthetic running track production.


The Prefabricated Rubber Running Track/prefabricated running track is an environmentally friendly rubber coil with a double-layer integrated structure. The upper layer is a high toughness [wear-resistant surface layer]. The irregular pattern with a depth of 1-2mm is continuously rolled by special professional equipment. To ensure that sufficient foot friction is provided for athletes. The lower layer is the [high elastic bottom layer], a microcellular foam layer with a drop-like honeycomb structure with a reasonable inclination angle. This geometric structure fits well with the precise formula of microcellular foaming, and can provide excellent impact absorption, smooth energy transition and continuous energy feedback. After the inert gas closed cell foaming of the elastic bottom layer, numerous tiny inert gas airbags are formed to ensure the high resilience performance of the bottom layer.


It can not only ensure that it has all the functions that the traditional runway should have, but also prevent the air or volatile components from being sealed in the shock-absorbing bottom layer of the runway, thereby effectively preventing the runway from being damaged during use or under high temperature. The occurrence of bulging and delamination not only make the use of the prefabricated plastic track reliable, but also reduce the trouble of maintenance, and the service life is greatly extended as a result.

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